• Design and steel cortenowska
    Design and steel cortenowska
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    Cotren steel is a novelty in the world of modern design. Created for Polish investors, interior designers and architects. Design architecture and construction are happy to use modern solutions, decorating the interior and gardens of an industrial nature.

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  • Garden Fountain
    Garden Fountain
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    A garden fountain combined with a minimalist composition composed of several or more stones, or simply hidden among the vegetation, will be an excellent addition in the backyard garden.

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  • Pots in a rack
    Pots in a rack
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    The pot in the rack is a great highlight of the flowers or bushes in your garden on the terrace or in the living room. Simple yet modern design of the pot makes it an excellent complement to contemporary garden arrangements.

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  • Garden pots
    Garden pots
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    The variety of shapes and colors, the richness of materials and the unique design of the planters make it an indispensable element of the decor. Insanely popular in the interior arrangements loftowy style, which, on the contrary, admires the additives, which harmoniously fits into the various mechanisms by which it can be seen over time, ideally give a minimalist character.

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  • Plant pot to the living room-Art deco
    Plant pot to the living room-Art deco
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    Plant pot to the living room in the style of Art Deco, modern design, simple lines, geometric shapes, varied colors, in one word modern décor design Terrace garden living room, but also the public space.

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