Planter planter Normalis 55-25

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Normalispot growing field is used as a liner for growing plants in the selected pot model, reducing the amount of cultivation to a certain depth. Rests on the top edge of the pot and creates a spectacular face. Easy disassembly and Assembly allows you to transfer the liner with the grown vegetation to another place, for example, in the Conservatory to protect plants from frost.

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Seed inserts-a very convenient system of transplanting plants. They are useful not only in easy use, but also support healthy plant growth. Pots equipped with postage grounds allow easy transplanting at the moment when Your flower will already be needed. Pots equipped with a planting insert contain a special overflow system that allows you to easily change the water, the roots take it only if necessary. Inserts are made of fiberglass, that is, a material that is durable and resistant to weather conditions, frost-resistant, will provide the plants with ideal conditions for development.

The height44 cm
The width14,5 cm
The depth27,5 cm
Weight2 kg
The capacity17 l
The useinside/outside
Guarantee24 months

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Rustic ball pots

Rustic ball pots

Pots are additives that are both a practical subject, as are beautiful graphics for Your flowers. Presented flower pot Alma-a living example, rustic modern form puts it in a series of planters geometric shapes that emphasize the character of the composition and add charm to Your apartment.

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