Reporting a damaged parcel

We make every effort to ensure that the flower pots reach you intact. We pay a lot of attention to the exact and secure packaging of shipments during transport via courier. Unfortunately, sometimes, despite our efforts, pots are damaged during transport to you. In the event of such an event, we kindly ask you to contact our company immediately: by telephone on 691 991 703 or by e-mail to: This will allow us to quickly respond and exchange the product for a new one.

At the same time, please remember that it is necessary to prepare a damage report with the courier delivering the parcel. It is best if you unpack your shipment in the presence of a courier. He has to wait until all delivered parcels have been unpacked. If any damage is found, a report should be made for this. In a situation where the parcel was not checked in the presence of the courier, and at a later time it was found to be damaged, it is necessary to contact the courier company and request the courier to submit the damage report. In any case, please keep a copy of it, and send a scan or photo to us with your application.