Flower pot with backlight Towerpot 70-35-35

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Illuminated pots-an undeniable blow of recent years.  Allow you to quickly, easily, and, above all, effectively update the interior, while adding an elegant and stylish accent. Installed outside the building will attract the attention of all passers-by, and the plant placed inside the pot will acquire luster and enliven the space.

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  • Polyethylene

Polyethylene, from which our pots are made is the raw material of the plant. In this regard, vases made of this material are characterized by a high degree of resistance to mechanical damage. In addition, they are not afraid of rain, snow and sun exposure. Does not discolor and does not change the original shape. Thanks to their smooth texture, they are easy to clean and maintenance-free. The illuminated towerpot 70-35-35 pot is lightweight but stable. Thanks to this, it can be moved at will and taste to any place.

Treat yourself to the beauty of your plants with illuminated planters!

Luminous pots series Towerpot have a simple shape, and their base-a square. Glowing with cold white or colored light, after dusk look like sculptures. Thus, create an atmosphere of warmth and pleasant magic. Available in three different lighting options to meet many design needs. Built-in water drainage module from planters is recommended in case of exposure on balconies or terraces. Excess water is removed automatically, thanks to this plant remains healthy longer and does not rot.

Main advantage:
High resistance to atmospheric
High resistance to mechanical damage
Frost resistance
Stabilization at UV rays

It is possible to install water drain


LIGHT - flower Pot with adapted mounting under the lamp with E27 thread, we recommend the use of LED lamps, light bulbs are not included.

RGB - RGB Lamps with remote control  

RGB-M - wireless RGB Module with remote control in Light version

The height70 cm
The width35 cm
The depth35 cm
Weight7 kg
The capacity80 l
The useinside/outside

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