Illuminated flower pot Kuby 97-39-39

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Very modern and at the same time classical-here with illumination a flower pot Kubi 97-39-39. Its brilliance attracts the attention of passers-by, especially after dark. For this reason, it is recommended as a decorative element in the gardens of restaurants, hotels or terraces. It is also perfect for interior design, where the romantic mood is appreciated.

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  • Polyethylene

Made of high quality polyethylene, Cubi illuminated pots can successfully serve as a lamp or additional lighting element. The light is distributed evenly over the entire surface of the pot, so that the plant fits inside perfectly. This element of decoration brighten up even the darkest surroundings and put in an intimate mood of tranquility and nostalgia. In the bright pots of the Cubi series, each decoration looks very. Thanks to the built-in drainage system, we are sure that the plant will not rot from excess watering. The presented pots are available in white, in two lighting options to choose from. The base of the pot is square. The combination of several identical pots next to each other will illuminate alleys terraces or public places.

Cubi illuminated flower pots - glare time!

The polyethylene used for the production of our unique planters is characterized by a very high resistance to external factors. In this regard, the main advantages of the product include the high strength of the material to environmental factors (frost, precipitation, UV rays) and mechanical damage. All this makes buying our planters an investment for several years, allowing you to enjoy nature for a long time.

Main advantage:
High resistance to atmospheric
High resistance to mechanical damage
Frost resistance
Stabilization at UV rays


Topline White-white led lighting column, which ensures uniform distribution of light throughout the height of the element with illumination. Water drainage as standard.

Topline RGB - pot allocates a column ledowy RGB, which ensures uniform distribution of light throughout the planter, RGB LED gives us the ability to select the backlight using the remote control, one of the 16 possible colors for selection. Water drainage as standard.

The height97 cm
The width39 cm
The depth39 cm
Weight12 kg
The capacity140 l
The useinside/outside

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