Decorative flower pot for balcony

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In our offer you will find large garden pots that will preferably change the look of your terrace. Beautiful plants in unique flower pots-the key to successful arrangement. Choose large and tall pots to give your interior a bit of modernity and classics. Your terrace will get its own atmosphere. Combining colorful flowers with effective shrubs is a recipe for a place where you can relax

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  • Polyethylene

Arranging your big room or deciding on a complete change of decor, it is worth considering several factors. The main thing, of course, is that we have planned, but it will not always be a suitable solution, given the rest of the furniture, their style, color of the walls or floors. Therefore, if this piece of furniture we like, it is worth considering its future in our living room or bedroom in the categories of aesthetic and visual with the whole. Currently, the most popular models are the desires of the client.  Consider our offer, can our potty as an important aspect of fashion meet your expectations?

The height80 cm
Weight5 kg
The capacity20 l (the cultivated insert)
The useinside/outside
The width with the pit42 cm
The depth with the pit42 cm
The width with the mountain30 cm
The depth with the mountain30 cm
Guarantee24 months

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Rustic ball pots

Rustic ball pots

Pots are additives that are both a practical subject, as are beautiful graphics for Your flowers. Presented flower pot Alma-a living example, rustic modern form puts it in a series of planters geometric shapes that emphasize the character of the composition and add charm to Your apartment.

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