Cubi 50x50x50 Pots Corten

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The product guaranteeing the originality. The modern, sensational look will fulfil even most unconventional aesthetic expectations. Looking into our offer will find You a simple way on the creation of the own environment which will be interesting and will drop into the memory.

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  • Corten
  • Natural

Corten the kind they stood  niskostopowej on which surface after the exhibition on the operation of air and the rain automatically on the product are emitted cuprites, so called the patina deludingly reminding the general rust. Bowls with cortenu are very permanent and require no maintenance. Corten in consideration of its mechanical properties and visual perfectly one composes with the environment and found use in the architecture of both large as and small.

The height50 cm
The width50 cm
The depth50 cm
Weight22 kg
The capacity100 l
The useinside/outside

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Garden Fountain Illuminated

Garden Fountain Illuminated

The fireplace can be placed in any place, giving each surface an extra space. Use the finished baton or small pieces of wood to ignite the fire. When you get the right flame, simply add extra larger pieces of wood.
Make sure that the fire gets enough oxygen to burn. Remember that the fireplace environment can become very hot.

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