Steel Corten flowerpot Roller 50

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The important thing to plan is the final size and height of your plants. Your container will look different when you first fill it, but it takes a new shape and dimension as your plants grow. Each plant and its individual root system require an adequate space to grow. You must carefully choose the filling of the Corten pot and select the appropriate vegetation.

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Before choosing any flowers, make sure and plan where your donica will go. Some plants live well in the shade with little or no sun, while other plants bloom in direct sunlight. Find out what your plants need and make sure that the pot is in the right place to give them the right conditions. The important thing you need to do is choose a suitably large flowerpot. The plants you chose to decorate your pot, have to exist together to grow well. All plants with the same donor should require the same amount of water and sun as well as the same type of soil. After all, these plants will share exactly the same habitat and conditions every day.

The height50 cm
Weight18 kg
The capacity98 l
The useinside/outside
The diameter50 cm

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