Cylinder Corten Steel Roller 100

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Give your home plants a summer vacation by moving them to a protected outdoor place on the porch or patio. Most of the internal plants will prosper on the outside, where they gain strength and start to grow. Here the Donica with ornamental cortenu which, can contain a mixture of plants like Kalanchoe, Echeveria and Sedum.

  • Corten
  • Natural

Make bold revolves in your landscape by packing a colourful assortment of annuals, perenniers and tropical plants into a tall, narrow container. Use several vertical sadzarek to brighten the passage, surround the entrance or create privacy on an outdoor space or terrace. This round container will be used to garnish a gray wooden sidewalk. Donica can be filled with delphinium, Calibrachoa, snapdragon, asparagus fern, Dianthus, Cordyline and a small palm tree. Make a show of colors in your garden, including the annual grape vines in pots and planks, but you can also choose the dwarf varieties, which grow less than half a meter great for smaller pots or crates. Most varieties are developed in partial or full shade.

The height100 cm
Weight100 kg
The capacity785 l
The useinside/outside
The diameter100 cm

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Garden Fountain Illuminated

Garden Fountain Illuminated

The fireplace can be placed in any place, giving each surface an extra space. Use the finished baton or small pieces of wood to ignite the fire. When you get the right flame, simply add extra larger pieces of wood.
Make sure that the fire gets enough oxygen to burn. Remember that the fireplace environment can become very hot.

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