Corten Steel Pot Trapecio 53. 0

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Many perennials and shrubs can live several years in a container. Using this feature, you can choose cortenu flower pots that meet all the conditions without wasting time and money. Your containers can provide year-round interest, competently choosing plants, you can implement your projects.

  • Corten
  • Natural

Cooling in the soft summer wind is one thing, but cooling in the soft summer wind on a beautifully designed porch is a completely different experience. The typical veranda interior is a very elegant addition to the house that will provide You with all the amenities you will need to enjoy the beautiful summer weather in your estate. A real waste would be to stay inside if outside you are waiting for beautiful flower pots with colorful porch vegetation.

The height53 cm
Weight37 kg
The capacity170 l
The useinside/outside
The width with the pit70 cm
The depth with the pit70 cm
The width with the mountain46 cm
The depth with the mountain46 cm

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Garden Fountain Illuminated

Garden Fountain Illuminated

The fireplace can be placed in any place, giving each surface an extra space. Use the finished baton or small pieces of wood to ignite the fire. When you get the right flame, simply add extra larger pieces of wood.
Make sure that the fire gets enough oxygen to burn. Remember that the fireplace environment can become very hot.

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