Polyethylene Pots OVO 50

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Living room, balcony, terrace, can be designed periodically. It is easy to do with flowers and a base of fresh decorative ideas. Donica OVO is a unique model, guaranteeing originality, a modern sensational appearance, will meet even the most unconventional aesthetic expectations.

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  • Polyethylene

Bowls are very permanent and require no maintenance. In consideration of its mechanical properties and visual perfectly compose themselves with the environment and found use in the architecture of both large as and small. The series „LIGHT”, "RGB" will decorate interiors joining functions of the lamp and the bowl, giving the additional ornamental lighting.

Main advantages:
The high resistance on weather conditions
The large graceful degradation mechanical
The hardiness
The stabilization on rays UV

There exists the possibility of building in the reposition

The double bottom

The lighting:

LIGHT - the luminaire E27 the Bulb led 5W

RGB - the bulb RGB controlled with the pilot

RGB M -  the cordless module RGB controlled with the pilot

The height50 cm
Weight4 kg
The capacity40 l (with a double bottom)
The useinside/outside
The diameter50 cm
The diameter with the pit30 cm
The diameter with the mountain50 cm
Guarantee24 months

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Ambienti Long 40 Flowerpot

Ambienti Long 40 Flowerpot

Donica Ambienti Long is the essence of the prevailing trend on flower pots with geometric shapes. The Gentle, modern lines of the pot will definitely appeal to those looking for modern shapes. The Simple side walls of the pot make the pots one to another, creating an interesting lump.