Flowerpot of polyethylene Vendetta 30

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Flower pot Vendetta is the essence of the dominant trend on pots of geometric shapes. The clear, modern lines of the Vendetta pot will definitely appeal to people looking for modern forms. Just the side wall of the pot make pots can be connected to one another, creating an interesting block. 

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  • Polyethylene

Flower pot Vendetta is perfect as a flower pot for the office, but also as a flower pot garden. There is a possibility of embedding a double bottom for an additional fee of 10 PLN gross

The height30 cm
The width60 cm
The depth60 cm
Weight8 kg
The capacity80 l (double bottom)
The useinside/outside
Guarantee24 months

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Ambienti Long 40 Flowerpot

Ambienti Long 40 Flowerpot

Donica Ambienti Long is the essence of the prevailing trend on flower pots with geometric shapes. The Gentle, modern lines of the pot will definitely appeal to those looking for modern shapes. The Simple side walls of the pot make the pots one to another, creating an interesting lump.