Flower pot steel corten Normalis 95-80-20

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In our garden, plants can be planted not only directly in the substrate. You can breed flowers also in pots. It gives the possibility of any composition and repositing of flowers. In this way our garden will change depending on your tastes or our mood.

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Garden pots are clearly a little more than just the vessel in which the plant is planted. Modern design garden pots are a good decorative element and a unique aspect of the space that gives the character to every garden. Buying a garden pot should be based on a real search. On the market there are many garden pots with non-standard types such as trapezoid, rectangular wall and cylinder. However, the classic rectangle-shaped pots will always be fashionable and practical for any consumer who appreciates harmony and perfection. When choosing the pots for the garden, pay special attention to the material from which they are drawn. This material must be resistant to all scratches in addition to the upholstery. The trouble should also not create the process of purification of garden pots. Garden pots are located in the garden, so they are prone to all atmospheric factors also often will be accompanied by mud and rain. For this reason, garden pots should be useful and extremely easy to clean. Presented meet all the requirements presented.

The height95 cm
The width20 cm
The depth80 cm
Weight28 kg
The capacity140 l
The useinside/outside
Guarantee24 months

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Rustic ball pots

Rustic ball pots

Pots are additives that are both a practical subject, as are beautiful graphics for Your flowers. Presented flower pot Alma-a living example, rustic modern form puts it in a series of planters geometric shapes that emphasize the character of the composition and add charm to Your apartment.

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