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Plants grown in containers of Corten steel can be a complement to an already blooming landscape or garden. In the container you can grow almost everything, even large trees! However, before you go to the store to buy something that suits You best, please take a moment to think about what you want to achieve in your garden, which plants in practice will fit for Your garden.

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Here is a brief overview of the proposals that you can implement to create and maintain a magnificent landscape for the whole summer. The first step for a secure fit is to choose the appropriate size of pots. It depends on several different factors. Too small a planter suppresses the roots, causing a shortage of water, oxygen and nutrients that are needed for healthy, vigorous growth. Too large containers can cause excessive moisture to the ground, cutting off oxygen and killing roots. A cool, moist soil is often found in pots with too much space, as well as difficult for proper plant growth. Choose a frost-resistant container, choose a pot with a drainage hole in the bottom and out of the Corten!

The height100 cm
The width37 cm
The depth115 cm
Weight50 kg
The capacity420 l
The useinside/outside

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Hexagonal vase for Malmo artificial grass

Hexagonal vase for Malmo artificial grass

The large stable massive Malmo flowers in the shape of a cube is the perfect addition for the garden, to the terrace, which is both a practical subject as well as beautiful graphics for Your plants. Presented Malmo pot with a double deep bottom allows you to plant large trees that emphasize the character of the composition and add charm to the arranged space.

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