Trapezoidable flower pot of steel corten Trapecio 53

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Popular flower pots are no longer impressive, and the former composition has become monotonous? Sometimes just a small change to give the interior a new character. The brilliance of each space will be added by a trapezoidal flower pot made of corten Trapecio 53 steel. The versatile shape of the pot makes it look perfect both inside and outside the building.

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  • Corten
  • Natural

Corten is a type of steel highly resistant to the activity of atmospheric factors. Pots steel exposed to frost, rain or sun, automatically create a protective shell, which in appearance resembles rust. This is a natural process by which pots acquire a unique color and specific appearance. Thanks to this, each flower pot is versatile and unique in its kind, yet elegant and extremely modern. It will decorate and expose any plant. Because of the patina coating, it is recommended to use them as garden pots. The trapeze is becoming a figure, increasingly used in arrangements in the industrial style, where geometry is combined with minimalism.

Trapezoidal flower pot made of corten steel - classic design in a modern design

When choosing the ideal planters and protective flower fencing, it is worth paying attention to the quality of the material and the shape of the finish of the product. Neat, durable and injury-resistant pots are an investment for years to come, given that potted plants should only be transplanted when they need it. Our pots are carefully made with attention to every detail. Due to this, there is no need to maintain them, and keeping them clean is no problem.

The height53 cm
Weight34 kg
The capacity170 l
The useinside/outside
The width with the pit46 cm
The depth with the pit46 cm
The width with the mountain70 cm
The depth with the mountain70 cm
Guarantee24 months

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