Flower pot trapezoid of steel corten Trapecio 70

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Flower pot trapeze made of steel corten Trapecio 70 is designed for people who appreciate the classic design with a touch of modern solutions. It fits perfectly into any environment, demonstrating the natural qualities of the plant. Recommended mainly for garden and terrace, but will also work indoors.

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  • Corten
  • Natural

Corten steel (cortenowska tin) is a type of material characterized by a very high resistance to weathering. The main feature of this material, which distinguishes it from other materials, is the fact that under the influence of environmental factors, creates a protective shell that simulates rust. This is a natural phenomenon, and, preferably, and the resulting effect is a guarantee of a unique style that combines elegance and chic. We use only high quality materials for the production of our planters to make our products an investment for a long time. The product is intended for perennial plants, but perfectly exhibits also single-seasonal decorations.

Kortenovskie garden pots - trapezoidal or square?

Depending on your needs, in our range you will find: pots of different shapes. The model of planters of the Trapecio series is presented-with square, with the sides extensible upwards. Everything forms a trapeze. Perfectly combined with other models of this series, creating a unique design inspiration. A collection of calm colors with a matte surface and a metallic structure of the pot can be used as an element of decor in the style of "loft", where the geometric finish of stainless steel is appreciated.

The height70 cm
Weight53 kg
The capacity390 l
The useinside/outside
The width with the pit60 cm
The depth with the pit60 cm
The width with the mountain90 cm
The depth with the mountain90 cm
Guarantee24 months

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