Flower pot made of laminate large Normalis 60-50-150

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A traditional lump of a pot maintained in the trend of geometric and modern shapes. The Normalis Donica itself is an interesting decorative element for the house on the terrace or garden. The supplement will be the plants presented therein.

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  • Laminate
  • The full gloss
  • Matt

The elongated silhouette of the pot will create an extraordinary atmosphere and emphasize the aesthetic qualities of the arranged space. Appropriately exposed plants will be an interesting complement to the interior, terrace or garden. The minimalist shape causes the Normalis Donica to attract attention. Donica fits into every type of space, creating a harmonious whole and its form will not disturb the character of a particular place.

The height60 cm
The width50 cm
The depth150 cm
Weight25 kg
The capacity400 l
The useinside/outside

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Hexagonal vase for Malmo artificial grass

Hexagonal vase for Malmo artificial grass

The large stable massive Malmo flowers in the shape of a cube is the perfect addition for the garden, to the terrace, which is both a practical subject as well as beautiful graphics for Your plants. Presented Malmo pot with a double deep bottom allows you to plant large trees that emphasize the character of the composition and add charm to the arranged space.

The card of the product Normalis

The Card of the product of the Normalis

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