Balcony pot of laminate Normalis 80-25-55

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The low and relatively long form of the pot is the ideal solution for a terrace or balcony. Donica Normalis is an ideal offer for people wishing to create compositions separating the space in the offices or restaurant gardens. The flowerpots are elegant, decorative and light, making it practical.

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  • Laminate
  • The full gloss
  • Matt

The original style and simplicity of the product allows you to integrate it into the environment with versatile characteristics. Donica Normalis is a high quality product prepared from an extremely strong plastic, which is a polyester glass laminate. This material provides a high degree of resistance under adverse conditions. Varied colors and simple shapes, great to emphasize the natural beauty of plants. What's more, thanks to them, you can create stunning arrangements of the environment and freely change the compositions of plants, exposing them when they are the most beautiful.

You  will find a cultivated insert regarding - clickWkładki uprawne

The height80 cm
The width25 cm
The depth55 cm
Weight8 kg
The capacity17 l ( the cultivated insert)
The useinside/outside

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Hexagonal vase for Malmo artificial grass

Hexagonal vase for Malmo artificial grass

The large stable massive Malmo flowers in the shape of a cube is the perfect addition for the garden, to the terrace, which is both a practical subject as well as beautiful graphics for Your plants. Presented Malmo pot with a double deep bottom allows you to plant large trees that emphasize the character of the composition and add charm to the arranged space.

The card of the product Normalis

The Card of the product of the Normalis

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