Square high pot made of polyethylene Tower Pot 70

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The simple, square shape of the Power Pot 70 goes well with any plant. Perfect for decorating any kind of patios, balconies and lawns. Will attract the attention of passers-by if placed in front of a restaurant or other building. A combination of several identical planters can be used as a dividing wall.

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  • Polyethylene

Square, high polyethylene pot is a set of intensely bright colors, exquisite image and simplicity of form. Available in several color variations, will fit for any kind of design. Dimensions of the pot: height-70cm, width 35cm, depth 25cm. on sale is also available version of the pot with a water drainage system. This solution is recommended when the pot is exposed outside the building. The hole drains excess water that accumulates during rainfall.  Thanks to this solution, we are sure that the plant will not rot.

High polyethylene pots are the quintessence of chic and elegance in every detail

Stable and relatively heavy (6kg) construction guarantees high resistance to adverse weather conditions. High quality polyethylene plastic, resistant to mechanical stress and easy to maintain cleanliness. Square high pot of polyethylene Tower Pot 70 looks great in modern restaurants and hotels, where minimalism is appreciated. Pots plastic tower, Pot-70, harmoniously combined with the model Longerino in terms of design and size.

The height70 cm
The width35 cm
The depth35 cm
Weight6 kg
The capacity80 l (double bottom)
The useinside/outside
Guarantee24 months

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Hexagonal vase for Malmo artificial grass

Hexagonal vase for Malmo artificial grass

The large stable massive Malmo flowers in the shape of a cube is the perfect addition for the garden, to the terrace, which is both a practical subject as well as beautiful graphics for Your plants. Presented Malmo pot with a double deep bottom allows you to plant large trees that emphasize the character of the composition and add charm to the arranged space.

Towet pot 70

Gabarits of the bowl Tower the Sweat 70

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