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Pots ceased to serve only as a container for growing plants and flowers in them. Currently, flower pots are chosen primarily for the presence of interior style, as well as dialed in plantings. Simple design is timeless. Therefore, for modern apartments and offices are increasingly choosing minimalist pots of solid colors, demonstrating the beauty of plants planted in them.

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  • Polyethylene

The simply shaped polyethylene flower pot is the perfect choice for those who appreciate high quality and good design. The aesthetic design of the nyx30 polyethylene pot will complement modern interiors, residential, office or retail. Juxtaposed two or more modern pots next to each other will create a successful plant composition and a better design. The polyethylene pot itself is a decoration in an organized space. Placing in it, however, different species of plants with interesting leaf coloring will positively affect the perception.

Low polyethylene pot - highest quality materials and workmanship

A low polythene pot is not just a container needed for the growth of planted vegetation. Elegant oblong shape with characteristic bulges on the sides effectively attracts attention. At the same time, not suppressing, but exposing the greens growing in it. The NYX flower pot is suitable for medium sized plants. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor terraces. It is made of the highest grade of frost-resistant polyethylene characterized by high resistance to damage, moisture, high temperatures and ultraviolet RADIATION. The volume of the pot of polyethylene is 95 liters allows you to create all sorts of different arrangements of plants. It is suitable for both hanging plants and higher sedges. The pot is available in seven colors with a matte finish and will certainly perfectly complement any interior and terrace.

The height70 cm
The width25 cm
The depth70 cm
Weight5 kg
The capacity80 l (double bottom)
The useinside/outside
Guarantee24 months

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