Flower pot with backlight Vaso 60

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The VASO 60 illuminated flowerpot is an icon of the currently prevailing trend for geometric ornaments. The original shape of the pot will fall into the tastes of people who appreciate modern solutions of arrangement of space. This flower pot is suitable for installation both inside and outside the building. The combination of several pots next to each other will create an interesting and unique

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  • Polyethylene

Classic flower pots with lights for the living room can successfully replace the lamp. The glow of the pot illuminating the living plant brings a mood of calm, relaxation and relaxation. This model is available in three types of illumination:

1. LIGHT-lamp E27 5W led Lamp, cable length 2.9 m,

2. RGB-RGB color changing lamp, with remote control,

3. RGB M is a wireless RGB module with remote control.

The illuminated flowerpot will enliven the space and add sparkle to the surroundings!

VASO flower pot is made with great attention to detail. The high quality polyethylene used to make the pot is a material resistant to mechanical damage as well as difficult weather conditions. Stable construction and attractive design and versatile white color will fit perfectly into any environment. In the luminous flower pots series Vaso can successfully put all kinds of trees, herbs or flowers.

This model is available with built-in water drainage function or without. The water that accumulates at the bottom of the pot has constant and direct contact with the roots of the plant, which can lead to its decay and death. The drainage function is suitable, therefore, especially when we want to put flower pots outdoors-gives away its excess water after rain.

The Vaso line looks interesting with the geometric flower pot of the Valencia series.

The height60 cm
The width40 cm
The depth40 cm
Weight5 kg
The capacity40 l (with a double bottom)
The useinside/outside
Guarantee24 months

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Hexagonal vase for Malmo artificial grass

Hexagonal vase for Malmo artificial grass

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Vaso 60

Dimensions Vaso 60

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