Industrial coffee table 90-38

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Modern, original and very spectacular-this is our newest model of coffee table. A mandatory element of any decor, especially in the loft style (industrial). The unusually fashionable and practical stainless steel table can also be used as a partition, especially in the double version. For use both inside and outside the building.

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  • Stainless

The 90-38 industrial coffee table in our range is available with three colors of tempered glass countertops to meet the needs of even the most imaginary inspiration. It doesn't matter which countertop option is chosen. Each one is precisely crafted, made of high quality materials. Thanks to this, the table is easy to clean and resistant to scratches and injuries. The geometric shape of the coffee table will make the interior special design.

Industrial rectangular table - mobile and versatile

This ultra-modern and functional coffee table will be a reliable addition to any room in which there is a simple, minimalist and strict style. The rectangular glass tabletop was mounted on a perpendicular stainless steel counter. This combination created a very serious, modern impression of stability. The table will be a great addition to the interior, which is dominated by shades of black and marble, as well as all the colors of the earth. The design of the rack in its appearance resembles a cage with bars on the diagonal. While it may look massive, it won't be a problem when rearranged.

The height96 cm
The width38 cm
The depth90 cm
Weight20 kg
The useinside/outside
Guarantee24 months

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