Flower pot from corten Cubi 40.60.60

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An interesting setting accentuating the importance of a certain place, such as the entrance to the house or the property, is the setting of symmetrical pots on two sides of the object. Donice are specific plant elements-as each of them garden, balcony, must be decorated according to certain rules.

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Modern pots will help us to emphasize the nature of the terrace or garden. Of course, an indisparable advantage of donic is the possibility of introducing an unlimited number of plants through it to our closest environment. It is common to know that every amount of green leaves has a soothing effect on our jumped nerves. First of all, the pots are set in the flu-the best combination is 3 pieces, varied only in terms of height, or equal height. This setting highlights the entrance to the house, the path, the direction of movement. When it comes to planting a pot, you must observe the dominant color gamut-we strive to make flowers, leaves, or shoots are chosen in a thoughtful way. It is best to combine three colors, which can be contraint, harmonious, or complementary colours.

The height40 cm
The width60 cm
The depth60 cm
Weight20 kg
The capacity120 l
The useinside/outside
Guarantee24 months

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Hexagonal vase for Malmo artificial grass

Hexagonal vase for Malmo artificial grass

The large stable massive Malmo flowers in the shape of a cube is the perfect addition for the garden, to the terrace, which is both a practical subject as well as beautiful graphics for Your plants. Presented Malmo pot with a double deep bottom allows you to plant large trees that emphasize the character of the composition and add charm to the arranged space.

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