Flower pot Cubi steel 60-27-27 steel

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The absolute hit of recent years among the decorative additions was the pot stainless steel Cubi 30-21-21. Its great advantage is that it is very versatile – it can be placed both inside and outside the object. Made of stainless steel flower pot series Kubi is a product with a high level of quality and utility.

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The pots offered by us from acid-resistant stainless steel differ very high resistance to corrosion. A package of at least 10.5% chromium and other alloying elements (Nickel, molybdenum) ennobles steel and makes it resistant to rust. However, these are not all the advantages that our pots have. Stainless steel does not require special care, easy to maintain cleanliness. Perfectly integrated into any space due to the natural color and smooth structure. They concentrate the attention of passers-by in shopping centers, on balconies and terraces in front of the catering premises.

Stainless steel flower pots are an easy way to style your space

The natural structure of the steel planters contrasts perfectly with the green hues of the plants located inside the shell. Stable design is not an obstacle to move it to other places. A pot with a square base looks great accompanied by shells of the same series, but of different sizes. Modern, but stylish and sensual flower pot Cubi will be the hallmark of your decor for years to come. You can successfully plant it as annual flowers and all-season plants. Flower pot Kubi 60-27-27 is an investment for many years.

The height60 cm
The width27 cm
The depth27 cm
Weight12 kg
The capacity35 l
The useinside/outside
Guarantee24 months

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