Flower pot Cubi steel 60-27-27 steel

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Metal containers made of acid resistant steel are very attractive and are found in many styles. First of all, they are used in modern arrangements. Preferably as they are made of stainless steel. Others, despite the use of good paint coatings, are less attractive. Their undoubtedly great advantage is the incredible durability and resistance to mechanical and atmospheric factors.

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The Pots must guarantee the durability of maintaining a good substrate with adequate moisture, which depends on the success of the cultivation. If there are no drain holes in the container, it is necessary to make sure that the excess water can escape freely. This is important for plants that like less moisture. If holes are not possible, you can place a plant already in a slightly smaller container. The size of the plant and the size of the root lump must be adapted to the size of the pot. Steel containers belong to the most beautiful and most decorative, they are very natural and perfectly present themselves in the company of plants. At the same time they are very durable and can be an interesting accent in any garden. Their biggest drawbacks are high weight and high price. For sale We can put containers in different styles, so everyone will find something for themselves.

The height60 cm
The width27 cm
The depth27 cm
Weight12 kg
The capacity35 l
The useinside/outside
Guarantee24 months

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Plastic flower pot Classic 35

Plastic flower pot Classic 35

The round flowerpot will look beautiful in compositions with other outdoor pots in a traditional style, it is an ideal solution for a terrace or balcony. This form of its functionality is perfect in urban space or surrounded by office buildings. Thanks to the universal form it will look great in home salons, winter gardens or terraces.

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